Camel & Horse Riding

Have you ever wanted to ride a camel? If the answer is yes, this guide will help you with everything you need to ride a camel. Keep in mind that it’s very uncomfortable. With that aside, it’s really fun, even if it’s not luxurious.
Wear long pants and socks.
The motion of the camel can make your pants go up to your calves. The socks will help stop itchiness.
Make sure you have sunscreen.
While this might be pretty obvious, you should always remember to do this if you’re going to the desert. You don’t want to die of skin cancer, let alone on a camel.
If you bring an electronic device, make sure you tie it on.
Remember, camels are tall animals, and if your device happens to fall, don’t expect it to survive.
Bring a painkiller.
This is only for rides longer than 25 minutes. You might not think it, but being on a camel for a long time can really hurt. So just bring a light painkiller like Tylenol or Advil and things will work out just fine.
Mount the camel.
It should be in a sitting position or from a scaffold when you do this. Get one foot on the stirrup and then put the other leg over the camel’s hump. Do this all in one strong action to prevent from falling before you can even ride the camel.
Sit and hold the reins confidently.
Camels can sense when a person in uncomfortable. By doing this, you’ll make the camel feel more relaxed instead of wanting to go on a rampage. Good posture may also keep you falling from the camel.
Dismount the camel.
Even the best (and weirdest) moments have to come to an end. Just like mounting an animal, it’s best to do this while the camel is in the sitting position or if it has returned to the scaffold.
A few fascinating facts about camels
The earliest camel remains are to be found in North America from where they are believed to have emigrated some 38 millions years ago crossing the Bering Straights into Asia.
Other camels headed south to modern day Latin America and became llamas, alpacas and guanacos and vicuñas.
Camels in Egypt have just one hump (dromedaries) unlike their Asian cousins that have two (the Bactrian). If the creature is healthy the hump should be firm and tall. In unhealthy camels the hump can sag or even disappear.
Camels can live up to 40 years and go without a drink for more than a month.
Camels do not store water in their hump. The reasons camels can go so long without a drink is a combination of the following:
They pee less and excrete less water within their urine.
They sweat less and not until they reach 105 degree Fahrenheit.
When they sweat they draw the water from their muscles and not from their blood like humans do. This means that a camel can lose 1/4  body weight with no issues.
A camel can drink up to 25 gallons in 10 minutes.
Where to Ride Camels in Egypt?
You will likely be offered camel rides in a number of places during your journey.
Some are distinctly better than others.
Giza Camel Rides
A camel ride is a must-do for every first-time Egypt traveler. Many people who visit the Giza plateau choose to go on a camel ride around the Pyramids. Yet a better idea is to explore the desert behind the Pyramids.
Enjoy a horse or a camel riding at Giza Pyramids for 2 hours or more during the sun rise or sun set. While experiencing the camel or horse ride, you will enjoy the fascinating view of the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus from outside. The Great Pyramids are considered as the oldest one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years and the most important touristic sites in Egypt.
Western desert
In the Desert! – By far the best way to enjoy camel riding in Egypt is to ride them the way they were meant to be ridden; slowly and though the desert.
Whether for a few hours or a few days, opportunities exist for spectacular camel riding on the Sinai Peninsular or in the Western Desert. 
It’s only here, trotting in relative solitude to the gentle rhythm of the desert that one can quickly understand why these were Mohammed’s favorite creatures.
Sunset Camel Rides / Dakhla Oasis
Offer brief camel rides that reach past the southern end of Mut. Let the guide know if you want to stop over a majestic dune. Go ahead, roll down the sandbank. We know you want to.
Swia Oasis
You can enjoy one 2 hours or more with horse riding into the wide desert & enjoy watching the magnificent sand dunes, we rune this tour in the time of sunrise & sunset & also through the day….
Red Sea
Along the Beach in Dahab, Nuweiba, Hurghada or Sharm – This might suit the habitually lazy (or stoned!) traveller who can stray no further than the seashore to ride a camel. 
Enjoy riding camel on the magical beach of Dahab specially in the time of sunset & sunrise.
Sharm El Sheikh
Enjoy an exciting 1-hour ride on your choice of either an Arabian horse or camel through the stunning Sinai desert from the Sharm Marina. Admire the spectacular sunset over the desert plain over a warm Bedouin tea and experience the true Bedouin life.
Luxor West Bank Tour by Horse Drawn Carriage
Enjoy a day tour to visit the West Bank by horse drawn carriage and first visit the Valley of the Kings. Then continue visiting the Valley of the Queens, which is located south of the Valley of the Kings and was built for the tombs of the Queens. Finally you will visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, who is the daughter of Thutmosis I.
Valley of the Kings Tour by Donkey Ride in Luxor
Step back in time and enter the Valley of the Kings by donkey ride. You will find the tombs of pharaohs carefully carved into the desert, including King Tutmosis I, King Ramses VI, King Mrenptah and Amonhotep II among many others.
Camel Ride trip in Aswan
opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Aswan’s landscape on the back of a camel With a guide close by you will soon get to grips with controlling one of these amazing animals yourself. An activity for all ages looking for a leisurely ride with some fantastic views along the way.
Your tour starts on the east bank of the Nile when your guide meets you at your hotel or cruise ship lobby around (10:00) then you will be transferred to the west bank by motor boat where you will be met by the locals who will assist you in your trip also the kids will offer help leading your camel through the village It is customary to offer the children a small tip for their efforts. At the end of the tour you will be returned back to the east bank then to your hotel or cruise ship around (13:30).
St Simeon’s Monastery by Camel
St Simeon’s Monastery, Aswan – If you make the Nile crossing to its Western shores around Aswan, you’ll be met by a number of laidback camel touts and their snoozing herds.
It makes a fairly pleasant experience to mount a camel here and skirt the desert fringe to St Simeon’s Monastery and the Tomb of Aga Khan. No more than a one hour round trip and good introduction to the saddle.
Camel Market Tour in Darau from Aswan
See one of the world’s largest gatherings of camels, known as the ‘Ship of the Desert’, at the Camel Market in Darau. You will enjoy visiting the camel market in Darau, which takes place every Tuesday. Meet different people and purchase healthy & cheap meat. You can also meet different foreigners & tourists who have traveled from all over the world to visit this famous market.