Ain Sukhna

A short distance from Cairo , one and a half hour drive on the new highway, Ain Sukhna is fast becoming one of the top getaway vacation spots on the Red Sea Coast, making it finally possible to combine a short stay in Cairo with some sun & sea fun. With pristine shores and an air of unmeasured serenity, well off Cairennes have been summering here for a long time.

In recent years, international hotel chains have populated this stretch of coastal paradise, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a genuine piece of heaven on the Red Sea coast.

Luxury, lovely beaches, fun water activities, , and a proximity to the wonderful Eastern Desert make Ain Sukhna a great spot for your vacation.

Moreover, a mere 20 km south of Ain Sukhna, rising 270 metres above sea level, you’ll find the upscale resort of Porto Sokhna, an ambitious real estate development, Egypt’s first mountain-top resort and golf course. Spanning over a total area of 2.5 million sq. m, it includes gigantic malls, charming residential areas and villas, infinite shopping options, restaurants, and a cinema complex. The resort is linked to the coast through a cable-car transportation system.

Ain Sukhna in Arabic translates to Hot Spring and the area gets its name from the bubbling springs in the close by Ataka Mountain. Located within the Suez governorate, Ataka Mountain soars 800m above sea level, it is a must see location when you are in Ain Sukhna.


55 Km South of Suez, Red Sea How to get there: From outside Egypt Some international flights now go to El+Ein+El+Sokhna, otherwise fly direct to Cairo then either take an internal flight (see below) or go overland by bus or by car. Contact your travel agent for details.

From Cairo:

Overland You may like to book a tour through a travel agent or hire your own transport. Bear in mind that desert driving has special requirements and be sure to get a suitable vehicle and guidance on possible hazards. 0therwise you can travel to each location by bus or service taxi and arrange trips from there.


Service taxis or East Delta Bus Company buses from the Koulali terminal, near Ramses Station. By train from Ramses Station.

Ain Sukhna:

Buses or service taxis from Suez or by private transport from Cairo.

Wide Eyed Bird Watching:

the touristic area of Ain Sukhna is known to be an important bottleneck for migratory birds. The area is a great site for observing the spring migration. If you’re lucky enough to be in Ain Sukhna at the right time, you have a big chance to spot migrating birds along the Galala Plateau, passerines among the scrubs and gardens, as well as seabirds such as White-eyed Gulls and Swift Terns along the coast.

The Beach at Ain Sukhna:

You may think it is almost impossible to find pristine beaches and well preserved nature at only an hour and a half drive from Cairo . Well you might be surprised in Ain Sukhna . Meaning “hot spring” in Arabic, the name of the region derives from its proximity to natural sulphur springs.

The destination has been aptly chosen as a favourite by Cairenes for short week-end beach getaways, and it’s already hosting thousands of foreigners each year who are thrilled to combine a cultural visit to Cairo and the pyramids with a relaxing beach escape on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast, and a big chance of meeting with dolphins. The friendly mammals are regular visitors of the bay!

The beaches in Ain Sukhna are privately owned by hotels and resorts, and guests of these hotels are welcome to enjoy the soft white sand and the amazingly blue water of the bay for free. For those who choose to visit Ain Sukhna on a day-trip from Cairo, hotels and resorts offer access to their beaches on a daily entrance fee basis.

Apart from sunbathing and lazing off which might come as the most perfect things to do in such pleasant surroundings, many activities and water sports are on offer at most of Ain Sukhna resorts. These include diving, snorklling, jet-skiing, wind-surfing, banana boats and kayaking. Enjoy the sun in Ain Sukhna.

Rent a Pedalo in Ain Sukhna:

Ain Sukhna is perfect for an afternoon pedalo (or paddle-boat) tour. Apart from it being an active way to enjoy your time at the beach, the experience is almost as relaxing as paddling through still, oil-like, lake or lagoon waters, and the scenery is amazing. As you’ll be evolving in the shallowest parts of the sea, look down to spot colourful fishes playing around the shallow coral reefs. Then escape the beach crowds and sounds by reaching a far enough point to just stop and enjoy the infinite blue landscape extending in front of your eyes in a fulfilling sentiment of peace and serenity.

You can rent a pedalo at any beach resort in Ain Sukhna , look around and you’ll find the rental booth right on the beach.