Black Desert

The Black Desert is situated in the Egypt’s Western Desert, at 50 kilometers from the Bahariya`s North. The other geographical coordinates are 150 kilometers from the Farafra`s South, 50 kilometers from the Agabat`s South-East, 60 kilometers from the Crystal Mountain’s South-East and 100 kilometers from the White Desert’s South-East. The Black Desert region has no inhabitants and the tourists who visit this desert usually come in organized tours that include the Farafra Oasis, the Bahariya Oasis, the Crystal Mountain and the White Desert. The contrast with the White Desert is huge since there the ground formations are white and in the Black Desert the ground is brown-orange. But the Black Desert is not as black as some people may expect.

Tourists who were there said that this desert is totally atypical, making you feel like you are not on Earth but on the other planet. In the Black Desert the mountains has shapes of volcano and a big quantity of little black-colored stones. The ground has a brown-orange color and has black stones too. Black rocks with soft peek, that were blunt by the wind over the years, are all over the desert, and if you will climb one of this rocks you will have a beautiful view of the surroundings. In case that you plan a trip in the Black Desert, you can start with the Gebel el-Ingliz, a rock dune that has on its top a decrepit which used to be an outpost for the English army. The ruins from the former colonial times and huge cliffs with beige sand and black basalt are all over the place. Maybe a good advice for your trip is to use a minivan or a 4×4 car and to have some knowledge about the roads of the Black Desert