Diving in Dahab

Canyon and Fish Bowl
“The Canyon” is one of Dahab’s most famous diving sites. It is also referred to as the “Fish Bowl” although the latter indicates a nearby site. A few flip strokes away from Assalah bay, you’ll reach a large rock head cloven by a fissure descending to a wide entrance underwater. Passing through this entrance, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the crowded life and incredible beauty of the Canyon’s setting. The canyon is 10 metres deep at most places but it can reach far superior depths; at 12 metres you can reach an opening through which you will access the actual “Fish Bowl.” The site is a favourite among cave divers, and although its shallowest parts can be pretty interesting to snorkel and dive at, the deeper secrets of the canyon can only be explored by experienced divers. Night dives are spectacular at the canyon, especially on a full moon, and the underwater species you’re most likely to see are just amazing. The usual visitors include anthias, groupers, turtles, nudibranches, glassfish and octopuses.
Depth: 5-33 m
Visibility: 10-30 m

Lighthouse Reef
Located a few metres off shore from the beach area in Dahab, the Lighthouse Reef is the easiest to access and most popular dive site on the agenda of Dahab’s dive schools and centres. It is also a great spot for snorkelling. In fact, all kinds of dives are possible, including shallow dives over sandy areas for beginners, and pinnacle slaloms at more important depths for more experienced divers. Whichever the dive plan is, you’re bound to love it for the variety of available coral formations to explore and the beautiful fish species to gaze at. These include turtles, dolphins, and big pelagic additionally to charming seahorses, crocodile fish, pipefish, and octopuses.
Depth: 10-30 m
Visibility: 10-30 m

Dahab’s Eel Garden
After a 100 metre swim over a shallow reef from Dahab’s shore, you’ll reach a narrow canyon and swim out to a larger sandy area sloping down gradually. Past a somewhat vertical protuberance of the reef, you’ll discover the actual eel garden. You’ll soon see the long eels popping their heads out of the sand before vanishing back in as soon as you approach them. Hold your breath if you’re thinking of taking pictures of these amazing creatures and don’t freak out at the sight of such a big number of eels. Barracudas are also regular visitors of the site, and as you swim back out, don’t forget to look at the beautiful soft and hard corals which are home to the rare sea grass ghost pipefish.

You don’t need to be an experienced diver to do this dive and it is also perfect for snorkelling.
Depth: 5-20 m
Visibility: 10-30 m

Islands – 7 Pinnacles
With an easy access from the beach at the Hilton hotel, the Islands-7 Pinnacles site is more of an amazing snorkelling site; it is thus perfect for diving beginners. The site has been so named after the huge coral columns that make it really scenic. The deepest parts of the site lie at 20 m of depth; therefore the water colour is beautiful with a lot of sun coming in. Regular inhabitants of the reef include big groupers, glittering anthias, and schools of glassfish, napoleons, and lionfish. Many barracudas have been also spotted regularly in the northern section of the reef.
Depth: 9-20 m
Visibility: 30-40 m

The Blue Hole
A few kilometers north of Dahab, you will find the world famous “Blue Hole.” It is a spectacular, but somewhat dangerous site: corals, fans, eels and dozens of fish species flourish there, and the incredible depths of the hole provide magnificent scenery. The technical divers are particularly attracted by the arch connecting the Blue Hole with the open sea and the whole site is a marvel of light and life which makes unforgettable memories. The Blue Hole is a shore dive and the view is magnificent in this spot where the mountain meets the sea.

The Canyon
The Canyon”, Dahab’s most talked about site, and one of Sinai’s most interesting dives is close to the “Blue Hole”, an equally famous but more dangerous site. A few flipper strokes away from Assalah bay, you’ll reach a large rock head cloven by a fissure descending to a wide entrance underwater. Passing through this entrance, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the crowded life and incredible beauty of the Canyon’s setting.

The Caves
Lower your expectations. The caves diving site in Dahab is in fact only so called after one large cavern you will see as soon as you’ll jump into water from the reef located across it. The site also houses two amazing reefs with beautiful corals and quite varied marine species including turtles, moray eels and wrasses. It is a shore and easy dive, advised for all levels of divers. Beware though, the currents tend to get a little rough.
Depth: 10-35 m
Visibility: 15-30 m

Three Pools
After some lazing off at the south oasis in Dahab, head to the nearby Three Pools site, it’s almost an effortless dive, if you don’t go to what’s beyond the three actual pools. The site consists of three shallow sandy pools (4 metres for the deepest one) leading you to an amazing coral passage going down to 20 metres, only to reach at the end a coral garden with huge pinnacles.Regular visitors of this site include lionfish, barracudas, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, octopuses, and it seems that from time to time divers spot a resident turtle patrolling in the coral alley.
Depth: 10-20 m
Visibility: 20-40 m