Diving in El-Quseir

Omar Sukan
Exclusively accessible by boat, Omar Sukan is one of El-Quseir’s most popular diving sites.

A usual dive starts by a downward drift to 30 metres, which is when the reef and its dramatically deep drop-off come into view. Come close to the wall and have a broad look around, you’re in for some stunning encounters with pelagic species, ranging from small sardines to bigger fish such as tuna.

By swimming over the end of the wall, while following the reef slope, you’ll find yourself in a flat coral garden stretching out to infinity: unforgettable scenery that enchants all divers who had the chance and skills to visit this part of the Red Sea of Egypt. While drifting over the garden, look up to the reef top; it’s where Eagle Rays usually love to come and play, even with divers sometimes, whom they circle in a graceful ballet
Depth: 12m – 40m
Visibility: 30m -60m

Ras Quseir
Although it is very close to shore, Ras Quseir is only accessible by boat. Diving in this specific site of the Red Sea gives the diver an overview of what the whole region has to offer. The site is extremely diversified from a topological perspective which makes it accessible to all levels of divers. Even snorkelers can have a great time at Ras Quseir where marine creatures abound in shallow waters.

The shallower part of the reef is a large coral garden where all types of local reef fish can be found, especially Moral Eels. Heading to the middle part of the shallower waters of Ras Quseir, you’ll see three large mounts, the last of which is home to a surprisingly large Clown Fish and Anemone colony.
Depth: 3m – 40m
Visibility: 20m -40m

Serib Kebir
Not only is Serib Kebir used as a site for check dives by most of the dive centres in El-Quseir but it also withholds almost everything that a diver would look for in the Red Sea

As you start your descent from the shallow entry by the beach, you’ll dive down to 5 metres into a bay where you’re most likely to find a school of Yellow Tailed Barracudas and an army of Squid on a hunting expedition. Most diving instructors will direct you from there to the north, in the direction of a hard coral garden where Blue Spotted Rays abound. The rays have become used to the divers, if you’re an underwater photography fan; this is the right occasion for you to make great shots

Going south from the bay, you’ll find two lagoons, the furthest of which is rated as one of the richest and most amazing sites in the area; it includes overhangs, canyons, various types of beautiful soft and hard corals and numerous fish species

The richness of the site and its accessibility led the German ZDF and Austrian ORF TV companies to choose some of its parts as backdrops for a recent movie about the life of the famous diving pioneer Hans Haas

Serib Kebir is also an advised site for night dives; it has an easy access from shore, a rocky topology and it houses tons of amazing nocturnal marine species
Depth: 3m – 40m
Visibility: 20m -40m

The Cathedral
Join the never-ending ballet of Hatchet Sweeper fish that inhabit the Cathedral, a labyrinth of jaw dropping canyons, tunnels and caverns, where amazing corals and beautiful nocturnal fish species, such as the Big Eye Squirrel fish, abound

In the close surroundings of the Cathedral, many divers have already had the chance to meet with the resident small pod of Bottlenose Dolphins. An encounter that is usually consider as the “cherry on top” of this already amazing dive in El-Quseir
Depth: 8-12 m
Visibility: 20-40 m