Egypt’s access to three rich bodies of water- the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and the Nile, makes it one of most diverse fresh and salt water fishing destinations anywhere. Anglers from all over the world come to Lake Nasser, the top international location for Nile Perch and to take part in The Hurghada Fishing Competition at the Red Sea.

Fish worshippers will feel very much at home in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians worshipped the fish goddess Hatmehit and relied on a diet of perch, catfish (even the electric variety), carps, mullets, eels, tilapia, elephant-snout fish, tiger fish, moon fish and many others.

Today, anglers on fish Safaris in Egypt can catch some of the same species from the comfort of modern and adapted boat fleets or from traditional ones. Whether you are looking for turn-key deep sea fishing charters and safaris, or a quiet day spent shore fishing, Egypt is the ideal location for your next fishing adventure.

Fishing in the White Med 

Samak mashwy (grilled fish) is the signature experience for all visitors to Egypt’s beautiful northern coast. When you are in the mood to catch Murgan (Gray Mullet), and Barbuni (Red Mullet), 525 km of azure Mediterranean coastline await you. These waters and are also teeming with Sea Bass, Red Smelt, Bluefish and Sole.

On the eastern side of the coast, lies the bustling town of Alexandria, Alexandria’s sea front is lined with fish restaurants, fishermen and boats bringing in the day’s catch. Alexandrian fishermen favourite spots are Abu-Qir’s fishing harbour (Abu Qir is a once small fishermen village; located in the north of Alexandria, there you can fish, swim and sunbathe before feasting over some really fresh sea-food.

Fishing in the Lake Qarun

Lake Qarun abounds with fish, especially Bulti, which is said to be better than the bulti caught from the Nile itself. Large quantities of Bulti caught here are sent to Cairo . Mullet, eel, sole and shrimp are also available as the lake becomes saltier. The new Wadi Rayyan lakes are also now open for fishing Nile carp and Nile perch. At 215 square km, Lake Qarun, Egypts largest salt water lake, is open to fishing from Mid-June to Mid April.

The Lake used to be known as Berket Al-Said (the fishing lake) . One night in 1245, a cold wind blew, freezing the lake and all the fish in it. A canal overseer walking along the shore the next morning reported seeing thousands and thousands of fish, layered according to species and stacked up like bricks of a house. Discovery of prehistoric fishing tackle last year at the Fayyoum Oasis confirms the area’s status as hunting and fishing paradise as far back as 7200BC. Its popularity as an elite hunting retreat continued from the Pharaohs who built vacation palaces here through to the late King Farouk, whose hunting lodge there has been converted to a hotel at Lake Qarun.

Fishing in Lake Nasser

If you want to catch the biggest freshwater fish in your life, Lake Nasser is the adventure for you. It’s world’s largest man made lake and in known to be the best freshwater fishing in the world for both Tiger Fish and Nile Perch. Since Nile Perch have a better chance of reaching record sizes in lakes rather than in river systems, most anglers at Lake Nasser manage to catch Perch weighing between 50 to 200lbs.

Lake Nasser is also home to the astonishing Moonfish, two species of Tilapia and several species of Catfish; the legendary giant Vundu being the biggest. In total, there are thirty two different fish species found in Lake Nasser, and crocodiles! Look out for these amazing creatures.

Your fishing safari here can include trolling, spinning, drift casting or fly fishing . And you can do as much or as little fishing as you want. One thing is for sure, a fishing safari on Lake Nasser is the closest you can come to the true meaning of “safari”. Within just a few hours of leaving the Aswan Dam and making your way up Lake Nasser, you will be out the reach of electricity and mobile phone networks and in an incredible, very real wilderness, with Bird Watching as the only alternative to meditation and fishing.

Fishing in Hurghada

Aside from rare Giant Trevally, rare Jack Trevally, Amberjack, Groupers, Page Groupers, King, Unicorn LeatherJacket, Needle Fish, Tuna, Bonito,Snappers, Breams, Barracuda, Sailfish and Mahi Mahi, what gives the Red Sea a more interesting edge over other seasonal destinations?

Serious anglers will tell you it’s the Hurghada fishing Competition. During this annual international tournament, anglers have three days to try and catch something that will impress the judges in different categories. But pro and amateur angler alike will tell you that nothing compares to fishing the Red Sea. It’s year-round active fishing , diversity of species, ideal bottom structures, and warm climate all contribute to the wisdom of their choice.

You can choose between day charters, or up to 7 day/7 night non-stop Fishing Safaris. Most Safaris offer deep-sea trolling and still Fishing as well as shallow reef snorkeling and swimming. You’ll typically be provided with light to medium action rods and spinning reels for still Fishing heavy hand lines for big fish, 80-pound trolling sets with lures, spoons, Diving boards, natural trolling bait and cozy accommodation.