Natural Therapy

Climatotherapy at the Pyramisa Isis Island Aswan / Nile Valley / Aswan
The Pyramisa Isis Island Aswan Hotel is not only a 5 star accommodation in a paradisiacal location on one of Aswan’s beautiful island but also a perfect place to relax and take advantage of the natural reinvigorating and curing properties of Aswan’s climate and environment.

Since Ancient times, Aswan has been known for its environmental therapy: burying the aching parts of your body in sand gives valuable results and can help relieving you from stubborn ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis, joint edema and skin inflammation.

Additionally to a fully equipped health-club with Sauna, massage rooms, Jacuzzi, and steam baths, the Pyramisa Isis Island Aswan boasts a top-of-the range Spa specialized in individual programs combining very specific treatments such as the Yellow and Grey Sand Bath Treatments and Mud treatments.

Moreover, the resort is known for providing climatotherapy treatments, directed by a highly qualified medical team. This type of therapy is advised for patients suffering from psoriasis and rheumatic conditions.

Healing Hot Sand

Gebel Dakrour / Western Desert / Siwa Oasis
Around 3 km south east of Siwa stands Gebel Dakrour, the Dakrour Mountain, which has been renowned for the healing qualities of its hot sands since ancient times, as well as for being a major source of the red pigment used in Siwan pottery

People come from all around Egypt and the world during the summer months to be interred in sand baths which have properties of healing rheumatism.

The sand bath lasts approximately 20 minutes and you are buried up to your neck in the hot desert sand; the process is usually repeated for any aching part of the body for 3 to 5 days. The therapy is stunning; it has almost a magical effect, rheumatic and arthritic pains will be greatly dissipated. After the heat of the sand you will need a few hours to recover, it is recommended that you sit in a shady place and drink tea. Many of those who experience the healing properties of Gebel Dakrour’s sand baths return time and time again to heal their pains.

Natural Healing Centre

Taba Heights Salt Cave / Red Sea / Taba Heights
The Taba Heights Salt Cave is a newly man made cave made entirely of salt brought from Siwa Oasis and the Dead Sea. Charged with iodine, bromine, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium, the salt cave is the first natural healing centre in Egypt. The exceptional microclimate created by a ceiling that has gorgeous salt stalactites and a floor covered with salt crystals revitalises you strength and beauty while colour schemes and lighting designed by colour therapy experts creates a natural calming of the senses.

A 45 minute session inside the salt cave is a great reinforcement against nervous system disorders, digestive tract problems, heart disease, respiratory problems, dermatological diseases and metabolic problems.

Natural Cure for Psoriasis in Safaga / Red Sea / Safaga
A world-renowned Red Sea destination for climatotherapy patients. People suffering from diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis will enjoy the care of an on-site medical team from their first day at the hotel. The hotel houses a total of 301 rooms and suites in attractive, bright buildings.

Highly trained and qualified professionals will draft for each guest a personalized treatment program including, spa baths, solarium and sand bathing sessions. For more privacy, the open-air solarium area in Menaville is fenced and divided into four isolated sections; two for women, and two for men.

The patients can also benefit from the curative properties of the natural black sand on the hotel’s private beach. The resort is also perfect for a typical relaxation holiday; the hotel’s spa offers various treatments including hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and underwater massage. It also caters for specific needs by offering weight loss programs, for example¬†.