This activity allow you to discover Egypt and its life streets by your lens with us, you help you to find the perfect places to get your photos, also we let you to melt with Egyptian people & their life, recommend desert places, historical places and we recommend the perfect time of photograph because we already have professional tour guides in photography with long experience, our company offer you different photograph tours with accommodation, transportation, guiding, restaurants…..  
In case you plan for a photo tour or Video Clip in Egypt and need a guide and tour itinerary, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I promise you will find full co-operation. we can arrange for you locations and backgrounds for your special subjects. I can show you:
The actual Egyptian life. I will accompany you through the Egyptian society. You will see the original life-style not like a common tourist. You will see Christian and Moslem weddings, schools, markets, country-side, etc. All in a family atmosphere.
Powerful places for meditation in Egyptian desert
Felucca tours Between Aswan and Luxor Oases tour (Western Desert of Egypt: Bahariya, Farafra and White Desert, Dakhla, Kharga, Siwa With 4X4)
I can drive your rent car for you and arrange accommodation into a Hotel or private apartment.
We give you an abundance of photography opportunities. We provide ample time at the main attractions and our small group sizes guarantee you receive personal attention.
Away from the busy pyramids and Luxor temple we give you access to some of the beautiful quieter locations where you can take your time in composing and perfecting your images. A highlight of the trip is a night in the white desert where you will be able to capture the changing colors of the chalk formations during sunset and sunrise.
We spend a night on a traditional Egyptian Dhow as we peacefully sail along the Nile, sleeping under the stars. In the early hours of the morning you will be able to photograph some misty shoreline scenes and a variety of bird life.
By the end of your adventure, you will have traveled by road, train and on the Nile. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience, suitable for all levels of photography.
Your professional photographic guide will point out details invisible to the untrained eye and reveal the best vantage-points on your chosen route. Learn to tell a story through images, take great shots of iconic monuments and capture atmospheric images off the beaten track.
Discover the ancient winding city streets of Cairo, Egypt, the cradle of civilization. Take a tour of Islamic Cairo visiting historic Fatimid era gateways to the old city as well as mosques, houses, and palaces while passing through local markets including the famous Souq Khan al Khalili and ending at the Northern Gates.
Visit Cairo’s three enduring ramparts: Bab Al-Nasr (Gate of Victoriy), Bab Al-Futuh (Gate of Conquests), and Bab Al-Zuwayla, Street of the Tentmakers – Cairo’s only remaining medieval covered market, Souq Khan Al-Khalili (outdoor market), Al-Azhar Mosque, the Mosque of Al Hakim, Beit as-Suhaymi (traditional family mansion), and the remains of Beshtak Palace.
Ancient temples and religions, restless sands, vibrant cities, the timeless Nile, golden beaches. Egypt offers all of this and more. Words or pictures can’t describe the enormity of the pyramids, a traditional felucca sailing in the soft Nile breeze, the excitement of the bazaars, the fascinating temples of Upper Egypt, the timeless villages of the Nile Valley or the Monasteries dating from the 3rd century.