Quad Bike Safari

Quad Biking in Sharm el Sheikh / Sharm El Sheikh
Take to the rugged desert of the Sinai on a quad bike (ATV). Ride across off road terrain on a late afternoon adventure till you wind up watching the beautiful colours of the setting sun on the desert landscape. This is a wonderful experience that the whole family can enjoy, and the trips are available in lots of places, you can probably book a quad bike trip right from your hotel. Most companies will take you to a Bedouin tent for tea on your trip.

Quad Biking in Taba / Taba
Discover the haunting beauty of Sinai’s mountainous desert as you travel through the landscape on a Quad bike. Tear up the sand and enjoy the wind as you climb up mountains and speed through sandy plains. Quad bike expeditions are generally easy to organize and book, it can be done from your hotel, through the internet, or any travel agency in Taba. No experience is needed; you can just jump on, get going, and enjoy yourself.

Quad-Biking in Marsa Alam / Marsa Alam
Not to be missed in Marsa Alam: a safari by jeep, horseback, camel or better yet, quad bike, into the surrounding mountainous desert to explore the long-abandoned goldmines, oases and breathtaking desert landscapes.

In Wadi Hammamat, the ancient rock inscriptions and mines run along the dry river valley that once formed a part of the trading route linking Luxor to the Red Sea and to Asia through the Silk Route.
Quad bike by Luxor’s Antiquities / Luxor
Drive around the West bank of Luxor on a quad bike past the temples and tombs that make this city the world’s greatest open air museum. There are a number of companies that offer this service, just pick the one with the route you like most. What makes ATVs so wonderful is that no experience is needed and almost all ages are capable of going on the expedition, it’s a great family activity and a fun way of seeing the sights.

Quad biking in the Western Desert / Siwa Oasis

Take a quad bike tour across a beautiful landscape surrounding Siwa Oasis. You’ll find several places in the oasis that rent out quad bikes, so take a ride around and watch the sun set or rise and change the colours of the desert terrain. No experience is needed for this fun activity; just make sure you take a scarf and sunglasses or goggles to protect your face from the sand, and that you are accompanied by a guide.