Snorkelling in Egypt:

Anyone Can Snorkel in the Red Sea

Of all the water activities available in Egypt, snorkelling is by far one of the most popular among vacationers coming to the Red Sea coast. The reefs are amazing and the coast is peppered with easy to snorkel sites, where fishes and underwater fauna flourish like nowhere else. Whether you’re heading to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, or Dahab, you’ll find astonishing snorkelling spots. Alternatively, you can hop on a Diving excursion or liveaboard boat in any of the Red Sea major towns, to explore further sites.

The temperatures of the Red Sea waters are warm enough to snorkel all year round. Keep in mind that the coldest month of the year is January and the warmest months are July and August. Because of the low rainfall in this region of the world, and the absence of rivers flowing into the Red Sea , the water clarity is exceptional, a blessing for divers and snorkelers who can easily marvel at the underwater natural treasures. Moreover, the Red Sea offers all kinds of snorkelling sites, ranging from shallow to very deep sites where free-divers come to challenge their abilities. Currents can also be strong in some places in the Red Sea , but these are usually very predictable. That is why you should always think of asking a Diving professional for advice before exploring a new site.

Before signing off, don’t forget to browse through the Diving section as well; many of Egypt’s Red Sea Diving sites are equally good for snorkelling.

Snorkelling in Ain Sukhna 

Finding Nemo in Real Life

Ain Sukhna might still not be considered as one of the best Diving locations in Egypt, but it surely has the potential of becoming a big hit on the Red Sea top diving destinations list. After renting your snorklling gear, you’ll take a little dingy from the shore to come closer to a larger boat waiting for you offshore. After a Short Cruise you’ll throw yourself into a whole new world very similar to what you might have already seen if you’ve ever watched “Finding Nemo.” But the greatest thing is that, this time, it’s for real and in 3-D!

Clownfish abound in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea , so do angelfish, blue tangs, butterfly fish of all kinds, and amazing corals and anemones where small reef fishes come to play. Soon enough, you’ll be tempted to go deeper.

Snorkelling Trip to Giftun Island, Hurghada:

While in Holiday in Hurghada try to book a full-day Snorklling trip to the amazing Giftun Island protectorate. You’d never want the day to end, and it’s understandable. What could be more tempting and fulfilling than lying on magnificent sandy beaches and swimming in the crystal clear water of the Red Sea while peeking at incredible coral heads dotting the shallow lagoons surrounding the island? The area is full of colourful fish species and some tourists were even lucky enough to swim with dolphins around Giftun. The round-trip boat excursion, and the Snorklling equipment. A restaurant, bar and toilets are available on-site.

Snorkelling Trip from Sharks Bay in Shar

Best Snorkelling in Sharm el-Sheikh

Located 20 km north of the bustling Naama Bay, Sharks Bay is a quiet beach leading to an underwater paradise of coral heads and colourful fishes, including blue-spotted stingrays, but no sharks! You’re requested to pay an entrance fee at Sharks Bay and you’ll have no trouble finding Snorklling equipment for rental on-site. Keep in mind that Sharks Bay is also the departure point of Snorklling and Diving boat trips to the amazing sites located in the Straits of Tiran. Snorkelers are welcome to join in, since many of the destinations are as good for Snorklling as they are for scuba.

Snorkelling in Dahab:

Snorkelling like a Pro in the Blue Hole

Snorklling options are varied and wide in Dahab, it is a Red Sea destination where almost any first-timer will feel tempted to start Snorklling and why not, even Diving.

But for the more experienced snorkelers, one site beats them all: the legendary Blue Hole. Its depth gives you the chills: 110 meters, dropping down directly a mere few steps from the shore. But the surrounding reefs that might scare off novices provide you with the most unbelievable Snorklling sights such as the amazing underwater wall gardens and the astounding variety of underwater Red Sea fauna.

To get to The Blue Hole from Dahab, you would have to walk for a couple of hours. It is thus far more convenient to take a bike, jeep, or camel. The trip can be arranged from any hotel in Dahab. Expect to spend a whole day on site.

Snorkel in Sharm el Naga in Hurghada

Only 45 km south of Hurghada, you’ll find the fantastic protected area of Sharm el Naga, a paradisiacal beach ideal for Snorklling or just relaxing in the sun. Get your gear from the mall in Hurghada, if you don’t want to rent it on site, hop on a bus (transportation can be arranged by your hotel) and spend a day exploring the underwater lively fauna and flora of the Red Sea Fishes galore and exceptionally intact corals await you at this unspoilt spot of the Red Sea Riviera. The wide sandy beach slopes smoothly into the waters: an ideal feature for beginners who may be scared off by depths.

Snorkelling in Soma Bay in Hurghada:

A Jetty Leading to a World of Wonders

The Soma Bay luxury resort boasts an incredible house reef stretching over a total distance of one kilometre. The site is packed full of underwater life and beautiful corals and is easily accessible through the beautiful wooden jetty that extends from the beach – where the dive centre is located – to the edge of the reef.