Walking Tours & Local Action

A walking tour is:
1- A full, partial-day, or longer tour of a historical, or cultural or artistic site, or of sites, in one or more tourist destinations, which can be led by a tour guide, as an escort. This type of walking tour frequently takes place in an urban setting.
2- An extended walk in the countryside, undertaken by an individual, or group for several days. The beginnings of this type of walking tour has its origins in the Romantic movement of the late 18th, early 19th-century. It has some similarities with backpacking, trekking, and also tramping in New Zealand, though it need not take place in remote places. Such tours are also organized by commercial companies, and can have a professional guide, or are self-guided; in these commercially organized tours, luggage is often transported between accommodation stops.
There are also similarities between walking tours that involve long hikes and backpacking (wilderness), while non-pedestrian backpacking (travel) is a kind of modern, inexpensive Grand tour that makes use of public transport.
Tours of cities and cultural sites
With guides
A walking tour is generally distinguished from an escorted tour by its length and the employment of tour guides, and can be under 12 hours, or last for a week or more. They are led by guides that have knowledge of the sites, or the landscape, covered on the tour, and explanations and interpretations of the site can cover a range of subjects, including places with historical, cultural and artistic significance. Walking tours, of various kinds and length, are universally part of the tourism industry, and can be found around the world.
Walking Tours in Egypt
Experience the fascination of the Eternal Cities on our walking tours! You’ll see it all as our professional guides take you to spectacular ancient Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Bahariya Oases, Dakhla Oases, Kharga Oases and Siwa Oases to get in touch with locals , through this kind of tour you will get the local action of the Egyptian cities and melt with Egyptian socity, understand the real Egypt. You will see the masterpieces of history, Cairo’s Tahrir square , Kan Elkalili Bazaars and charming traditional backstreets ! We’ll tell you the history, the legends, and the astonishing secrets of Cairo, Alexandria and other cities. Also we can organize walking tours in small villages to see farmers & their life in the green fields and walking inside the local Markets of cities, we also provide you with a professional tour guide for that tour in order to advice you & drive you to the right & save places
Examples of Walking tour in Egypt
Cairo walking tours
Yes! You can walk in Cairo with our professional guides and visit to Tahrir Square, also known as Midan Tahrir.
Tahrir Square is the large public square of Modern Cairo and the most urbanized location you will find in the city. It also holds some of the biggest attractions in all of Egypt including the Egyptian Museum, as well as important institutions like the American University in Cairo and the Arab League.
Among the first buildings you will see in Midan Tahrir will be the Nile Hilton Hotel and the Egyptian Museum, recognizable by its reddish-pink stone. There are also several mosques and office buildings scattered throughout the waking area.
Cairo walking tours in traditional sites like Khan El Khalily or traditional souks are common, and very informative as travel guides explain to groups of tourist the significance of what they are seeing. Just bear in mind that some buildings are a few miles away even if they are perceivable from a distance. This is why some walking tours will offer car services for their customers.
Cairo Walking Tour
This is a walking tour route we suggest that allows you to see the ancient and modern sides of Cairo. Starting in downtown Cairo, you walk past some of the shops and cafes that typify this part of town. Passing some of the key buildings dating back to the colonial era, you then begin the transition into historic Cairo.
The Museum of Islamic Art, a street full of traditional musical instrument makers and the twin minarets of the Bab Zuweila lead you to Shari al Mu’zz li Din, a narrow street sandwiched between beautiful Islamic architecture and bustlingstoreholders. At the end of the street, you arrive at the Al-Azhar Mosque, right next to the Khan El Khalili souqs.
A detailed description of the route and sights along the way are available on request. We don’t make any arrangements for this walk, it is entirely self-guided! A taxi is easily arranged to take you to the start of the walk, and then you can flag one down once you’ve finished, or arrange for your hotel or agents to collect you.
Alexandria walking tours
Alexandria is a wonderful city to walk around in. If you want to check out the traditional markets ( souqs ) and the coast line (Corniche) as Alexandrian people call it, it’s best to walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Many of Alexandria’s sights are within walking distance with our professional guides.