Water Skiing

You might find no mountains to ski or snowboard in Egypt, but the clear blue still waters of the Red Sea and White Med are amazing locations for water-skiing and wake-boarding on your next holiday in Egypt.

You can water ski at almost any Red Sea destination in Egypt: Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, and El-Gouna are perfect for water-skiing. Large man-made lagoons and secluded bays dot the Red Sea Egyptian coast: a dream come true for professional water-skiers who usually prefer to avoid windy locations. Professional water sports centres are highly qualified to provide you with the needed support and top-of-the-range boats and gear, including hyperlite water-ski and wakeboard equipment boards. When it comes to water sports, although one might think the Red Sea Coast is the place to be in Egypt, it is not totally true since the North Coast has been completely booming on that front in the past few years, so consider it as an option if you’re in the mood for a sporty sun & sea holiday in Egypt.

Water sports centres and schools are managed and regulated by the Egyptian CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Water Sports). For more information and for a complete list of the certified water sports centers.

Water Skiing in Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the best wind sports destinations on the Egyptian Red Sea coast. Large and shallow lagoons with flat waters provide the most perfect conditions for water-ski beginners, whereas the open water beyond the sandbanks is a dream come true for more experienced water skiers and inveterate freestylers. All wind sports centres in Hurghada have very professional and multi-lingual staff and instructors. To get in contact with the right centre, ask for help at your hotel desk, or look out for the ads and booths at the beach. A “Yacht Racing and Water Skiing Festival” is held annually, in October, jointly in Hurghada and Alexandria.

Water Skiing in El-Gouna

The artificial lagoon system in El-Gouna makes it one of the best water-skiing destinations in Egypt. One lagoon in particular is traditionally used for water-skiing and slaloms: the one located next to the Sheraton Miramar Hotel. It is accessible from a dock near the El-Gouna lighthouse. The amazing lagoon has been especially designed for water-skiing: it’s 850 metres long and 2.5 metres deep, and a large sandbank prevents the sea waves from entering the course. The lagoon is also conveniently sheltered from the winds by the hotels that are located on the opposite side of the lagoon.

Water Skiing in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly one of the greatest water sports destinations on the Red Sea. Additionally to the amazing diving, here you can experience almost any water sport that might come to your mind: windsurfing, parasailing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, it’s all there. Most major hotels and resorts in Sharm offer a wide range of water activities, including water skiing, from their own waterfront or by agreement with another resort

Sharm el Maya is a favourite among water skiers, though: ideally located in a mountainous surrounding, the bay is almost completely sheltered from the winds. Just go down to any of Sharm el Maya beaches, you’ll soon find professional aqua sports clubs who will provide you with the equipment, and instructors who’ll help you learn water skiing or improve your skills.

Water Skiing in the White Med

TWith many natural and man-made lagoons, Marina in the north coast is a perfect location for water-skiing on the Egyptian White Med Coast. Apart from being a favourite upscale destination in Egypt, offering a wide range of entertainment and dining facilities, and beautiful sandy beaches, marina has grown to become a hub for water sports fans; you can almost try out or practice there any water sport you might think of from jet skiing, parasailing, and surfing, to sailing, sail boarding, boating, and even diving and snorkelling

If you’re into water-skiing, the best time to come to the White Med Coast is undoubtedly spring and summer, starting from May. The weather is lovely at that time of the year, the sea water is flat and gliding through the infinite blue lagoons is an experience you’re not about to forget

Most of the 4 and 5-star hotels offer the needed facilities for beginners to get familiar with this exciting sport and the gear and support for the more experienced athletes.