Windsurfing in Dahab:

Over the last years, Dahab has become THE windsurfing Red Sea destination, mainly for its all year round reliable winds and sunshine. It is the ideal destination for windsurfing beginners with its clear flat waters. Speed and extreme sports addicts will also be served: ask around for the best extreme races and freestyle rides.

Kite and Windsurfing in Safaga:

Back in 1993, Safaga has hosted the Red Sea World Windsurfing Competition; this should give you a hint about the wind and water conditions in this part of the Red Sea! Safaga is set on one of the world’s top kite and wind surfing destinations, a gulf that is totally free of any immediate reef systems, has amazingly crystal clear and safe waters, ensuring perfect conditions for all boarding activities. Most of Safaga‚Äôs hotels will help you get in contact with kite and windsurfing professionals to master your technique. Some companies also offer boat trips to the nearby islands where you can enjoy a yet more exciting wind or kitesurfing experience.

Kite-Surfing in Soma Bay

The geographical location of Soma Bay makes it one of the best kite and wind surfing locations on the Red Sea, if not in the whole world

The amazing bay boasts magnificent sandy beaches and flat water conditions almost all year long. The shore winds range from 4 to 8 BFT. Professionals at Soma Bay guarantee that in this specific location, the winds are 2 BFT faster than in any other nearby kite or wind surfing spot along the Red Sea coast, due to the mountains proximity

The kite surfing centre in Soma Bay caters for professionals and beginners needs, through teaching courses and video and audio trainings. The centre also provides top of the range equipment for hire or sale.

Wadi Lahami Lagoon

140 km south of Marsa Alam, beginners will find the best spot ever to learn kitesurfing: the legendary lagoon at Wadi Lahami. With a maximal depth of 70 cm, the lagoon offers ideal conditions to wade out a considerable distance. An outer coral reef separates the lagoon from the open sea, where experts and speed-junkies can enjoy strong thermal winds and a far more exciting kitesurfing experience.