Sail into Egyptian Opulence and Style

Sharm El-Sheikh Marina / Red Sea/Sharm El Sheikh
The dazzling beachfront city of Sharm El Sheikh is a perfect yachting destination in Egypt due to its very convenient location on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

The area is surrounded by pristine beaches, the inland houses some of the most amazing attractions of the Sinai desert, while the coast and waters of Sharm El Sheikh are dotted with amazing underwater sites, making Sharm a world-recognized diving destination. Add to that luxurious resorts, golf courses, state-of-the-art Spas and a bustling nightlife, and that’s barely some of what you can start dreaming of while mooring your yacht in the town’s world-class marina.

The marina in Sharm El-Sheikh has been recently redeveloped for private yachts and sailboats; it offers all the needed facilities and amenities for you to rest assured that your boat is being properly taken care of.

Private yacht charters are also available at the marina in Sharm.

They can be reserved for as short as one day or as long as a few weeks or more.

Hurghada Marina / Red Sea/Hurghada City

Since it has opened in 2008, the new Marina in Hurghada has offered the city a new look and seafarers a new gateway into Egypt. The marina was designed to provide berthing for 200 yachts, between 10 and 50 metre length; mega yachts have their own berthing spots at the seaward side of the main dock.

The marina is located in the heart of Hurghada City, thus facilitating the access to the town’s attractions, upscale restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The Marina Boulevard boasts some of Egypt’s best shopping and entertainment opportunities.

The marina facilities and amenities also include: metered electric and water supply, International telephone & fax, Wi-Fi Internet access, Laundry, round-the-clock security, toilets and showers, and a full-range of resort facilities.

Abu Tig Marina / Red Sea/El Gouna
The majestic and unique Abu Tig Marina serves as El-Gouna’s front sea entrance, and has nothing to envy to internationally known marinas.

Owned and operated by the world-acknowledged Orascom Hotels & Development Company, the marina provides all the needed amenities for you to be able to comfortably moor your yacht in an upscale port of the Red Sea Riviera, to enjoy a stay in the land of the Pharaohs.

In El-Gouna, your leisure options are infinite; the resort is home to many international hotels, luxurious restaurants and shops, a golf course, and various entertainment venues.

From El-Gouna, you can go on “domestic” trips to Luxor, Aswan, and Cairo and discover further on the wonders of Egypt. The marina facilities and amenities include: berthing for 117 boats, metered electric and water supply, International telephone & fax, Wi-Fi Internet access, Laundry, round-the-clock security, toilets and showers, and a full-range of resort facilities.

Port Ghalib Marina / Red Sea/Marsa Alam
Located at the very heart of the Port Ghalib resort community in Marsa Alam, on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast, the Port Ghalib Marina houses a 5 meter deep harbour basin, harbourmaster control, full customs and immigration facilities, ship chandlery, slipway, full service ferry terminal and refuelling facilities. Therefore, it serves as a perfectly convenient and secured sea port of entry into Egypt, and a great starting point for your Red Sea holiday.

The area is dotted with some of Egypt’s greatest diving sites offering a staggering variety of marine life and underwater features. The coast boasts some of Egypt’s most beautiful and pristine beaches and the upscale Port Ghalib resort is home to some of Egypt’s most luxurious hotels, gourmet restaurants, endless shopping possibilities, and restless nightlife venues. Some of Egypt’s biggest concerts are held here in summer and on special holidays.

The marina has been operational since 2002. It offers berthing space for 1000 yachts of up to 50 metres in length.

Taba Heights Marina / Red Sea/Taba Heights
Located close to Saudi Arabia and Jordan by sea, through the Gulf of Aqaba, Taba Heights is fast becoming the new upscale port of entry on the Red Sea.

Before the marina completion, seafarers had to check in at more distant ports, such as Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Alexandria, to cruise the Egyptian waters but now, the marina at Taba Heights offers you the opportunity to end your Red Sea journey in the inspiring Gulf of Aqaba and explore the Sinai Peninsula.

The marina provides secure moorings, top-of-the-range maintenance service and all the amenities one can expect in such a venue.

Taba Heights Marina consists of 11,500 square metres of water area, with depths of between 2.5 and 3 metres. The marina can comfortably accommodate up to 50 yachts and provide overnight mooring and refuelling services. Chandlers and repair facilities are also available at the marina.

Sharks Bay / Red Sea/Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh residents describe the picturesque Sharks bay as still having the feel of how Sharm used to be before the arrival of large scale tourism: a laid-back, friendly and relaxing spot with stunning views of Tiran Island and the marina.

Different stories are told about the bay’s name origin; some say that until about 12 years ago, there were actually sharks inhabiting the bay, others say that in fact some tourists had mistaken mantas for sharks there and hence the name, whereas another version of the story tells that local fishermen used to unload their catch of sharks right at this bay. Whatever the right story might be, one thing is sure; there are no sharks in Sharks Bay today

Times have evolved from back when you could see camels walking along the beach between the cafes and the sea but the spot is still as paradisiacal and authentic as it might get and it boasts some of the best diving and snorkelling spots in Sharm El Sheikh. Diving centres on site cater to all levels of divers, and there’s a wide range of water activities on offer for those of you who don’t like diving. Banana and Donut rides, wake-boarding, surfing and water-skiing are only a few of the available options.